Barracks Level 1
30 Wood small Icon citizen Icon upkeep
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Description Edit

Spearmen are conscripts from the rural population, that go into battle with light armour and basic spears. They do not usually have a chance against professional soldiers.

  • During battle, Spearmen deploy to the flanks, unless they are needed to fill the front battle line.
  • 30 Spearmen fill the flank battlefield space of the Mini, Small and Medium battlefields.
  • 40 Spearmen fill the flank battlefield space of the Large battlefield.
  • 50 Spearmen fill the flank battlefield space of the Big, the largest, battlefield for a maximum of 350 Spearmen.

Attack Sequence Edit

FlanksLong-range weapons battle lineArtilleryFront battle line

Statistics Edit

Πρότυπο:HitPoints Hit points Πρότυπο:Armour Armour Πρότυπο:Size Size Πρότυπο:CargoW Cargo Weight Πρότυπο:Class Class Πρότυπο:Type Type Πρότυπο:Speed Speed
13 - 1 3 Human Light Infantry 60
Icon citizen Cost Wood small Cost Sulphur small Cost Icon upkeep Upkeep Build  Time small Barracks Πρότυπο:BarrackM Generals
1 30 - 1 1m 1 0.6

Weapons Edit

Rank Weapon Damage Accuracy Munition
Πρότυπο:Offense Spear 4 70% -


Other Uses Edit

While citizens cannot be transported, Spearmen can, and relatively inexpensively. Dismissing a Spearman adds to the population in the town where he is dismissed. You can take advantage of this to achieve various objectives:

  1. You can transport workers to a new colony.
  2. You can store citizens Icon citizen temporarily, i.e. to avoid losing them if you run out of Wine small.
  3. If preparing for a large, long-term war, you might start out by recruiting as many spearmen as possible, then begin recruiting your main forces. This drastically increases the satisfaction level, which helps your population grow faster. After you've recruited most of your main forces, you can dismiss your Spearmen and your population should be near their maximum again.
  • Just remember that Spearmen can be killed; citizens Icon citizen can not.